Commercial, Waterside & Leisure Property

What we do 5Plato Estates Limited is interested in all types of commercial property.

Areas of specific interest are industrial estates involving B1, B2 & B8 planning uses but can involve retail A1-4 uses as well. There is an obvious crossover with our Trade Counter interest here but all types of light industrial, retail & storage uses complement our business plan and we will look to invest in retail shopping parades, public houses or other commercial or industrial properties particularly where we can actively manage leases that might not have long to run. Similarly, we can develop, convert, refurbish or enhance any such commercial property investments.

We also have experience involving waterside property that is suitable for either leisure, commercial or mixed uses.

As such we are interested in properties relating to inland waterside location adjacent to rivers & canals for both commercial & leisure use. We have previously worked with British Waterways (now Canal & Rivers Trust) regarding canal side boat moorings & marinas and have developed interests related to the Grand Union Canal & River Thames.