Frequently Asked Questions

We need to move from our existing freehold premises but are having trouble finding alternative locations.

Can you help us find somewhere and sell the new site to us?

If the new location needs redevelopment, can you undertake the development?

Can we lease the finished property from you?

My Manufacturer / Franchise is asking me to upgrade or refurbish my car dealership property to meet revised franchise standards but I am concerned about how much it will cost and how to fund it.

What should I do?

I am approaching retirement and own the freehold of my business premises. I have always regarded my premises as "my pension fund" as I have little other savings.

How can I gain access to funds for my retirement without selling the business or the property?

I would like to either pass the business on to my children or sell the business to my management team.

Can you help?

I am considering a Sale & Leaseback deal.

What are the advantages?

Won't we regret being contracted into a long lease?

Will we have lost the potential to sell the site for other uses in the future?

My business operates from leasehold premises where the lease is due to expire in a few years time.

Will I be able to renew my lease?

The premises are old and need repairs & updating - What costs might I be facing and can you help?

I am needing some professional advice regarding valuation and rent review for my business.

Can Plato Estates undertake such work and if so, what are your fees?

Aren’t there plenty of property companies around?

Why would I choose Plato Estates over other property companies or developers?